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ALCO-Safe offer a range of services to ensure that our instruments deliver on our service promise. ALCO-Safe does not supply cheap or personal use equipment. We only supply superior equipment which will stand up in disciplinary and CCMA cases.

Supply of Drug Testing Equipment Best Suited to Your Workplace and Budget

ALCO-Safe has a wide variety of drug testing solutions ranging from single strip drug tests which test for 1 specific drug type, multiple panel drug tests which test for 6 or 10 different drugs in one test and drug testing cups which test for 6 or 10 different drugs in one cup. Disposable saliva tests are available to test for 6 different drug types in one test. The Alere DDS2 is our flagship drug testing instrument. Using a saliva sample it gives results for 6 different drug types, digital display of the results on the DDS2 screen and a printout of the results within 5 minutes.

Supply of Superior Alcohol Equipment for All Situations

Alcohol testing instruments supplied include high speed testers capable of testing high volumes of people at site entrance or exit points, and portable instruments for use at remote sites which provide immediate printed evidence. The printed evidence is extremely valuable in disciplinary and CCMA cases. Only professional grade instrumentation is distributed and knowledge of state of the art technology and effective measurement techniques is maintained through regular communication with the world’s leaders in these areas. ALCO-Safe represents LION – CMI world leaders in alcohol detection technology.

Development of Substance Abuse Policies & Control Programmes

ALCO-Safe’s extensive experience over many years with companies large and small enables guidance to be given regarding the whole spectrum of substance abuse problems encountered in the workplace. This includes assistance in the development of substance abuse policies and control programmes which have proven to bring about a rapid and considerable reduction in accidents, injuries and losses. The correct procedures to be followed when administering the test is very important and the various scenarios for testing will be discussed.

Awareness Presentations /Operator Training

In-house awareness programmes are offered for management and workforce representatives, highlighting the many negative effects of substance abuse in the workplace including its contribution to accidents, injuries, productivity, absenteeism and many other loss areas; testing techniques; legal aspects; bodily alcohol concentration with elapsed time versus consumption; many myths; health problems and other matters. Competency certificates are supplied for operators who have completed the training. The certificates are very important for disciplinary hearings and CCMA cases.

Information Back Up

Alere Toxicology has the single largest group of toxicology and drug testing scientists. Their senior staff are recognized worldwide as experts in the field. ALCO-Safe is fortunate to represent Alere toxicology as we can avail ourselves of their expertise when approached by our clients for assistance. Additionally, Dave Evans, the General Manager of ALCO-Safe is an invited member of ICADTS; the International Council for Alcohol, Drugs and Traffic Safety. This is an international grouping of scientists and psychologists who research the impact of alcohol and drugs on driver behaviour and accidents. This provides us with an additional valuable source of information.

Full Repair and Calibration Capability

A complete, rapid repair and calibration service is provided for electronic devices. Training and certification of personnel in the correct operation and usage of testing devices and calibration of instruments is regularly undertaken.

Service Level Agreement

Here is our after-sales-service, Service Level Agreement which regulates the relationship and expectations of the Customer and ALCO-Safe for the calibration and repair of Lion alcohol breathalysers. Service Level Agreement

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ALCO-Safe is the major supplier of quality electronic Breath Alcohol Detectors and Drug Detectors in South Africa.

Alco-Safe is a member of The South African Institute of Occupational Safety and Health 


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