Employee Awareness Education

ALCO-Safe have developed a set of booklets addressing issues that affect employees every day. The booklets are written in an easy to understand way using lots of visuals to explain concepts. The booklets are only R8,50 each - an extremely cost effective way to educate your workforce.

alcohol education
Alcohol and Me
Educating employees on how alcohol affects you.

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passport to health
Passport to Health
A personal guide to healthy living.

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cancer education
The Cancer Guide
A booklet educating the reader on living with cancer.

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Workplace Safety
Workplace Safety
All the reasons why workplace safety is so important.

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HIV status
The importance of knowing your HIV status.

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Kick It In The Butt
How to finally kick the smoking habit.

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mens health education
Men's Health
An informative guide to men's health.

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All you need to know about Tuberculosis.

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ALCO-Safe is the major supplier of quality electronic Breath Alcohol Detectors and Drug Detectors in South Africa.

Alco-Safe is a member of The South African Institute of Occupational Safety and Health 


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