Split Specimen Drug Testing - Multi-Panel Drug Test Cups

Concateno's split specimen urine drug tests are collection cups with an integrated test panel. They can test urine samples for a variety of drugs of abuse, providing an instant result at the point of care.

These cups will provide results from two up to ten different drugs. The results are displayed on a test panel fitted inside the cup. This panel is similar to the multi-panel urine dip tests.

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Features of the multi-panel drug test cups include:

  • Watertight rubber seal
  • Thermometer strip to confirm fresh sample
  • Chain of custody security seal
  • One way valve automatically splits sample into 2 for confirmation test


Benefits of the multi-panel drug test cup include:

  • Easy to use with simple 3 step procedure
  • Integrated test strip reduces urine handling and operator steps
  • Sample collected can be used for subsequent confirmation testing
  • Available with flip top and screw top formats

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Click on the link below to download the urine drug test brochure with directions for using urine cups:

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