Portable Alcohol Breathalyzer Tests

ALCO-Safe is the major supplier of the high quality, portable alcohol breathalyzer test range from Lion - CMI world leaders in alcohol detection technology.

Lion Alcoblow ® Rapid Test
Durable, reliable, fast and accurate alcohol tester.

Lion Alcolmeter® 500P
Portable breathalyzer, with printer and carry case.

Lion Alcolmeter® SD 400 P
SD 400 breathalyzer, with portable printer and bag.

Lion Alcoblow ®
A state of the art, high speed testing breathalyzer.

Lion Alcolmeter® 600
Latest and top of the range breathalyser from Lion.

Lion Alcolmeter®700
Exceeds the latest EN 15964 standards for police breathalysers.

Lion Alcolmeter® 500
A police grade breathalyzer used across the world.

Lion Alcolmeter® SD 400
Durable and accurate breathalyzer.

Breathalyser Key Management System
Ensures drivers take keys and return them sober.

Alcohol testing

ALCO-Safe offer a range of services to ensure that our instruments deliver on our service promise.

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ALCO-Safe is the major supplier of quality electronic Breath Alcohol Detectors and Drug Detectors in South Africa.

Alco-Safe is a member of The South African Institute of Occupational Safety and Health 


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